My Favorite Living Books and Authors

I love to read Living Books to children. 

Charlotte Mason gave us some clues about how to identify Living Books. If you want to ascertain if a book is a Living Book or not, ask these questions about it.

  1. Is the writing of excellent quality?
    2. Does it contain living ideas and knowledge suitable for the child?
    3. Does the child react with delight caused by the spark of ideas?
    4. Does it make an impact on the reader’s mind (shown by his narrations)?

I have read so many books that I feel meet these requirements.

Below is a list that I put together of some of my favorites, along with authors that have written excellent stories that have stood the test of time. I consider most of the books they have written Living Books. I suppose you could call them Living Authors!

Enjoy this LIST of LIVING BOOKS Selected by Penney Douglas






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